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We are a small, tight-knit group of skilled, friendly and mature players on Silvermoon. Our goal is to clear Mythic content in a friendly but focused raiding atmosphere. We are very carefully building and adapting our Mythic roster and just need a few more players. Do you want to progress through the upper level of Hellfire Citadel in the Mythic difficulty? Feel free to apply today!

Our current progression is 11/13 mythic

Raid Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 20:15-00:00 CET

Our requirements are pretty much what you would expect. All new applicants need to be geared and prepared to jump straight into the Mythic progression. With the current updates in mind, we expect you to be around 730 itemlevel, with your required 2/4set pieces from HC, with an upgraded legendary ring. Attending our raids is also a requirement!

Come prepared, with a raid-ready UI with everything you need to track to succeed, all the addons we use in our raids, 125 food, flasks, runes and pots enough to wipe continuously for 3.5 hours without having to step out to get more (Yes, we are crazy and expect our raiders to do everything they can to kill bosses. Even if that means using potions!)

Don't just know your class, excel in it! Be social and don’t be afraid to speak up on TeamSpeak. Gear is a bonus, but brains are a must. There is no room for anyone who doesn't have the "mythic raider" mindset in our ranks.

All these requirements might sound harsh and demanding to some, but keep in mind: Being serious about killing bosses does not make you a bad person, someone who is unfriendly towards others, or an elitist in any way. In our team it simply means that if one person spends time setting up his UI to fit the encounters, does his class and role homework, buys food, runes, flasks and pots and keeps performing his absolute best without keeping others waiting between pulls without complaining about wipes; we all owe it to that person to do the same! We are a team, and a team performs the best when everyone pulls as hard as they can in the same direction! 

If all this sounds like it would fit your definition of a great team, and one that has principles that you are willing and ready to get behind, feel free to apply here on the website, approach us in game to let us know if there is anything more we can do to answer your questions!

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Xhul down, two to go!

by -Zinxy, 313 days ago

On Tuesday the 12th, we finally had our stars allign and we were able to make Xhul join the list of bosses we've defeated. We were extremely happy about this kill in particular, as it marks our first official progression since we transfered from Sylvanas to silvermoon. It was a long time coming, and for many people (officers included) this was a moment of pure relief, and also a great chance to finally be able to look ahead. We didn't let the kill soak in fully, but went straight onto Mannoroth to see if we could squeeze in a bit of p1 practice before raid end. We barely got to see phase 2 that night, but we're determined to make the raid week count and spend our two remaining progress days this reset working out the kinks and get closer to the last encounter of this expansion!

Here is our kill video, enjoy!

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Goodbye Tyrant, goodbye Sylvanas

by -Zinxy, 358 days ago

In our absolute last official raid on Sylvanas, we brought along some of our good friends, a couple of cross-realm trials and our normal raid team to give Tyrant another proper chance to increase our repair bills. Given that we spent a fair bit of time dealing with some of the problems that we've seen in this fight already, we made a few quick changes and finally got that good "we got this b%tch now" feeling!

Finally, (almost) everything clicked and we were able to down her in spectacular style. As a celebration, Pana (who doesn't have a life) sat down and pulled an all-nighter editing the 4pov kill video. And as an added bonus left teamspeak more or less untouched for the video. Enjoy, congratulations, and to all our friends who've helped us along the way: We salute you!

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The Clean Slate

by -Zinxy, 365 days ago

So, as a lot of people who have been paying any attention to general chat, trade chat or the looking for group channel, knows - we have been actively recruiting since we started the guild on Sylvanas. We have had our ups and downs, but we've overcome a lot of challenges and find ourselves facing the last 4 mythic bosses.

We strongly believe that the Sylvanas recruiting scene has been bled dry, and we finally decided that the way forward would be going somewhere there are still hungry players. After a little bit of back and forth, we decided that it was time we took the core of our guild to another server. We have been doing a bit of research, and ended up with Silvermoon being the best option for us. We are very eager to get somewhere with such a big raiding scene, and join some truly great guilds in getting ready for Legion and be an actual competative raid group when the new expansion is released.

The move will happen towards the end of this reset, and we're counting on having to cross realm raid a bit until we have sorted out who's staying and who's coming. We hope this transition will be as smooth as possible so we ensure our place among the other PVE guilds of Silvermoon well in time for Legion.

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